Your Realtor for Life!
Kelly Barnhart


“The best Realtor in the business! Thank you for all of your hard work!”
~Jamie Little

“We can’t Thank You enough for hanging in there with us and helping to find us Our Dream Home! Your tireless work was so very appreciated…”
~Jamie and Cody

“Thank you for being a fantastic help in finding me my first home! It took us a while but it worked out in the end! I appreciate the time, patience and the knowledge in real estate you displayed during our quest…Thank you for everything! I’ll definitely call you when I upgrade my house.”

“…Thanks again for everything, and I will make sure to recommend you to anyone I come across planning to move your way. You provided very professional and personal help…”

“…Leaving my former employer after twenty-six years to make a new start…in Las Vegas…We had an extraordinary realtor that worked on our behalf. If anyone ever entertains the idea of making a move here to Las Vegas we would highly recommend our realtor and friend Kelly. She is honest and will work tirelessly for you as she did for us. We have been blessed with her and I know that you would be too. We are in a house that we once dreamed about and are now realizing that, that dream; has come to pass…”
~Ron, Cathy and Dan

“…Thank you for your thoughtfulness, you have been a pleasure to work with, perhaps we’ll do it again!”
~Frank and Liz

“…I will definitely list you as my first choice as sales agent when we decide to move
~Peggy and Carl

“There is no place like home, but when you have to sell it, there is no place like “feeling at home” with your realtor.”

“…You eliminated many of my fears of home buying and I appreciate your hand-holding.”

“…Kelly was very helpful in showing me homes in areas that I would be happy with and was very easy to talk to… Kelly is a very warm person. I felt like I was out with a trusted friend.”
~Lisa and Gordon

“…I purchased with Kelly because of her Professionalism! She showed the homes we were interested in and understood what we wanted…”

“Thank you for your most professional attitude and help. You impressed both Cheryl and me as a fine example of what a helpful professional Realtor should be. I would be happy to consult with you in the future as well as refer my friends and associates to you. I know they would get the best.”

“…Thank you for your time, effort and patience, as you know, we absolutely love the house.”
~Majorie and Tony

“…You did an outstanding job! It’s so nice to be able to work with a professional.”

“…It was fun and above and beyond the call of duty on your part. You have been a tremendous realtor and friend. Thanks for everything!”

“…Her service and professionalism was outstanding.”
~James and Janet

“Thank you for all your help with the Las Vegas Market. I love our home! You were terrific!”
~Kim and Steve

“Just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help on my home purchase…I really appreciate all that you did.”

“Kelly Barnhart is a dedicated professional and meticulous in nature. Kelly Barnhart possesses a rare personality that allows her to focus on detail to the extreme while relating with a wide variety of people. A total “get it done” attitude and experience. Kelly Barnhart’s knowledge of the real estate market in Las Vegas is wide and deep. Having lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years doesn’t hurt, but it is her inordinate ability to comprehend the most-intricate of real estate nuances that earns her 5-stars from me….I am a very conscientious buyer. Many would agree I am “neurotic” with a “bad attitude”. I am a stickler for detail. I am really hard to get along with, especially when it comes to buying a home. But Kelly Barnhart stuck through the whole process with me, and frankly I felt like I was Kelly’s only client. In the end, Kelly worked very, very hard for me. Kelly Barnhart deserves to be recommended, and you should choose Kelly Barnhart for your Real Estate transaction. And everyone can quote me. Kelly Barnhart is highly recommended for her knowledge of the real estate industry, highly detailed understanding of the Las Vegas real estate market, and her unparalleled work ethic…”
~Christopher G

“Kelly was absolutely the best Realtor we have ever worked with…within 3 hours she had shown us homes that were very appealing and exactly what we had in mind and price!! We successfully found the perfect home and have appreciated the great service from Kelly…My husband and I thank you for your reputable business and will refer you to anyone we know of in search of a home.”
~Cheryl and Joe

“Kelly’s patience and persistence were most effective in helping me search for a home. I would recommend Kelly to anyone buying a home.”

“Kelly was very responsive during the entire purchase. She was extremely patient and helpful with us as 1st time home buyers.”
~Valerie and Mark

“Kelly is absolutely great! She knew the area, listened to what we wanted, knew our price range and knew the home builders. She did everything to help us with the home purchase and we are very happy with our home purchase.”
~Jim and Janet

“Kelly’s efficiency, courtesy and honesty were most effective in helping me search for a home.”

“Kelly was great! She knew what we wanted, price and area. It was a pleasure working with Kelly!”
~The Adams

“Found Kelly via Internet and liked her quick response and attention. Kelly is great. I would definitely call her again for future transactions.”
~Mike and Dianne

“Kelly was very informed and very helpful in educating us as well as being patient with us as our goals changed.”

“I just can’t thank you enough for the wonderful gift you worked so hard to help me get! I am really going to miss talking and seeing you… You really have impacted my life in many ways! The world needs more people like you in it! There are no words to say that can explain what you have done for me! Not only did you find me my very first home, you made the entire process wonderful and amazing! Your kindness and devotion was so aparent in all that you did for me.”

“…I want to reach out to you and let you know how impressed I am with your dedication and commitment to us. I know Mike was very impressed and happy working with you as well. We are in the new house and love it!…I can’t thank you enough for your above and beyond customer service. You put so much time and work into meeting our needs and as a result we have a perfect home…So for now I want to say THANK YOU…”


“Tim and I not only appreciate everything you have done as our realtor, but we are truly grateful for your friendship too! Even though our life in Vegas was short, we enjoyed it very much and you were a big part of it. Thank you for helping us find our house and sticking with us until the end…couldn’t have done it without you!…”

~Angela & Tim